Here at Ard na gCapall, our Boarding Kennels exists to provide a professional, caring, personal, reliable and safe service to dog owners of County Cavan and the surrounding area.

We aim to provide an excellent quality service not driven by profit but by a love for all animals and this is to be promoted through a respectful and caring attitude towards the welfare of all dogs which are boarded here.

Whether you are staying with us or going away on holiday we can cater for you pet in the best possible enviroment for them to play and sleep.

 We would ask that you bring along food that your dog is used to eating at home as this avoids upset stomachs during their stay.  We are happy to cook any additional food for your pet i.e chicken, mince, eggs etc at no extra charge.

Discounts are available for dogs sharing 2 dogs - €20 / €24 / €28.

All bedding is provided for your pets, but we advise you to bring your pets favourite toy or something that reminds him of home . If needed your pet can stay inside our B&B with our family.

Important Notice : Anywhere that dogs congregate it is possible foe kennel cough to be passed on. We ask that all dogs are vaccinated against the disease. Please ask your vet for details as it must be administered at least one week before boarding.

So why not pre book today and enjoy an unique stay for you and your pets !