Welcome to Ard na gCapall

We now have a grooming parlor now opened in Main Street in Cavan Town up above Andy Sloweys Electrical and we stock a wide range of shampoos, dog cologne, combs dog clothes&beds etc. Drop by today to see what we can offer you !

Please Note : We no longer take un-netured males over the age of 6 months

There are many reasons to have your pet groomed, it not only makes a companion animal look better,but also contributes to his or her physiological and psychological health. Dogs have several types of coat each requiring different degrees of care. As such, your dog`s coat must be groomed not only for aesthetic reasons,but more important for health. Have your dog groomed regulary is an excellent way of making the owner aware of any health problems that may occour.

So why not pre book today and enjoy an unique dog grooming service for your pets !