Dog Grooming

There are many reasons to have your pet groomed, it not only makes a companion animal look better,but also contributes to his or her physiological and psychological health. Dogs have several types of coat each requiring different degrees of care. As such, your dog`s coat must be groomed not only for aesthetic reasons,but more important for health. Have your dog groomed regulary is an excellent way of making the owner aware of any health problems that may occour.

Ear care is a very important factor of dog grooming.Ear infections can not only be painful, but lead to permanent hearing loss. The signs of a problem with your dog`s ears includes redness around the inside of the ear,scratching of the ear, head shaking and odour from the ear

Nail care is another important factor of your pets grooming, nails should be trimmed regularly to advoid ingrown nails which can result in serious pain and internal infection.

The kitchen is where we prepare the dog food and is now in the same area as our grooming palour. So why not pre book today and enjoy an unique stay for you and your pets !